Antony Bearman

Over the two decades of his career as a chef, Antony has excelled in kitchens, moving through the ranks quickly to become an Executive Chef and creating exciting and adventurous menus and offering great food experiences. He has had the opportunity to work with Michelin starred chefs such as the famed Jiro Ono (Jiro dreams of sushi), has hosted cooking demonstrations, performed private dining degustation’s and catered to large scale functions. 


After many years of being based in Tasmania, Antony relocated to mainland Australia to work in some of Australia’s premier resort destinations, where he brought along his culinary mantra; using refined, contemporary, locally-driven, innovative food that plays with diner’s expectations to create wonderful and creative food combinations. Now in New Zealand and relishing the opportunity to get his hands on some amazing local ingredients, Oyster and Chop diners are in for a treat every visit!


Antony has developed a unique culinary point of view that great food should be fun yet sophisticated, innovative yet familiar and expressive yet accessible. This has allowed his outside of the box flavour combinations and artistic plating to allow a far more approachable style of dining. Antony's menus utilise sustainably sourced ingredients and are seasonally driven by the belief that Australasia has the world’s best boutique and seasonal produce regions, and his cuisine is inspired by these ingredients.”

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